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Rabbit Bra
Rabbit Bra

Rabbit Bra

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Achieve the desired strapless look with ease and the security of medical-grade silicone that forms to the curves of your breasts and stays on with a strong self-adhesive, keeping them supported and perky.


Secure and Natural Looking- Designed with a thin edge and thicker center for quality coverage. Made with a strong sticky silicone that's hypoallergenic and skin-friendly.  

Reuseable and Washable- Wash silicone with warm water and soap, then air dry in shade. Feel free to reuse protective covering for silicone when dried properly. With proper care, they can be reused dozens of times. 

Tips: Before using, wipe breasts with a warm towel to clean the area. The skin must be clean and dry for adhesive to stick properly.  Avoid exercise while wearing, as excess sweat may affect stickiness.

Diameter Size
9cm / 3.5in   A / B cup
11cm / 4.3in C / D cup

*May not provide proper adhesion or support for breasts larger than DD-cup*


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